Almira McCreary & husband Clarence Smith and family on far right with Clarence's parents in center and his siblings families, 1876

Nancy McCreary (1821-1894) who married her cousin John McCreary

Jones Lafayette McCreary (1844-1922) son of John McCreary & Nancy McCreary


Tunis, Emma, Earl, Edna, and Mildred McCreary in front of home, ca 1900, Oregon.

Vinel E. McCreary (1848-1919), son of George Washington McCreary & Mary Hayden who joined the Civil War when he was only about age 15.

Mary McCreary James, (1809-1882), child of Thomas McCreary and Elizabeth Roberts and wife of Joseph James


Nettie McCreary (1882-1951), daughter of Alfred B. McCreary & Sarah Jones, who later married Matthew Clifford Morrison.


28th Annual Encampment Grand Army Republic 1894 showing Alfred Biddleton McCreary was attending


Samantha McCreary (1848-1884), daughter of James McCreary Jr. and Sarah Larimer, who married Monroe L. Ayres/Ayers and lived in Iowa.

John Sylvester McCreary (1832-1908), son of James McCreary Sr and wife Rachel Westbrook Cole McCreary, who lived in Omaha, Nebraska most of his life.


Alfred Tate McCreary Sr. (1854-1926), son of John McCreary and Emily Brown


George Washington McCreary, (1812-1901), son of James McCreary Sr. and Mary Holt, at the McCreary reunion in Bradner, Ohio in 1901

Deborah Mathews McCreary, wife of Benjamin McCreary, ca 1860s

Thomas McCreary (1822-1904) son of James McCreary Sr. and Mary Holt and his wife Polly Roloson McCreary, ca 1883

Charity McCreary Clement (1817-1888), daughter of James McCreary Sr. and Mary Holt,  claim for mother's pension based on her son Christopher C. Piatt's Civil War Service


Davis Miles McCreary (1845-1924), son of George McCreary and Elizabeth George, application for his pension

William O. McCreary, Sr. (1887-1956)


Alfred Biddleton McCreary, (1843-1899) son of  George Washington McCreary and Mary Hayden

Mark Deems & wife Deborah McCreary Deems sod house and family, Nebraska in 1880s

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