The BREMER & BRUNE Family History book is now available for order. After many years of research and contributions from many Bremer & Brune family members, I have identified over 700 descendants of the families from Germany to Missouri and beyond.


The book contains 18 chapters of your families, over 313 pages of stories, maps, marriage & death records, and over 300 photos contributed by many relatives.


This is your opportunity to preserve your family history, and read about your extended family in the book. The book is 8 ½ by 11 inches and is professionally published and bound. You will be pleased.Please share this with other relatives.


Price is $45.00 including packaging and mailing within the USA.


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Chapter Contents


Chapter 1 starts with the earliest known Bremers who lived in the 1750s in Schleswig-Holstein. Chapter 2 is Herman Bremer Sr. who married Auguste Koch and immigrated in 1884 to St. Louis. Chapters 3-8 are about his children and their descendants. Chapter 9 is Henry Bremer, the brother of Herman who also came to St. Louis and married Marie Koch the sister of Herman’s wife. Chapters 10 and 11 are about the earliest Brunes and Peter Brune who immigrated from Borgholzhausen, Westphalia, Germany to St. Louis in the 1850s. Chapter 12 is the story of Peter’s daughter Louise Brune who married into the Boekenkamp family in St. Louis, Chapter 13 is his daughter Catharine “Katie” who married into the Biermann family in St. Louis; and Chapter 14 is Peter’s son Henry Brune who immigrated to St. Louis and married Sophi Hussman. Chapters 15-18 are the children (Katie Brune Eichelberger, Emma Brune Mathews Moskey, John Brune, and Harry Brune) of Henry Brune and Chapter 18 connects the families when Harry Brune married Mollie Bremer.


Lastly, I have over 400 photos and documents. 100 of these I could not fit into the book but I have put all on a CD and every photo is labeled by name and chapter.  If you would like a CD the cost is $10.00. This is optional.


The cost for the book only represents the actual cost of printing, binding, adding the photos, packaging, and mailing.  All research costs such as copy machines, postage, travel to research facilities, paper, envelopes, ink cartridges, microfilm rental, photos, printing draft copies of the book, etc., I have absorbed. This book is a labor of love, not profit.


I have donated several copies of the book to local libraries and genealogical societies.





Here are some comments from purchasers of other books I’ve written—The Brueseke Family History, the Hecht Family History, and the Bremer & Brune Family History.


First I’d like to congratulate you on your outstanding book! I picked up my copies from my parents and was impressed with the size and quality of the work. Well Done!  HO


We got the book a couple weeks ago and are really impressed. We didn’t expect anything like this. It’s almost like a novel. GGO


You did a wonderful job on the Brueseke book! I am learning a lot about my extended family that I never knew. The book is really nice and makes me proud. BB


The book arrived yesterday. Bravo. You did a great job. I especially appreciate the old German writing and word translations in the back.


The book is AMAZING! I can’t tell you how excited I am to have this information about our family and to know I will be able to allow my children and on and on to learn about their family. Thanks for your hard work on this, it is a great gift!   MB


My son was over the other night and couldn’t put it down. His three boys were so pleased to be in a real bound book.   FBD


May God richly bless you for the masterpiece you have compiled. Our children are more responsive to it than we have anticipated so enclosed is a check for another copy. We planned one for each of our four children but now we will have one for a grandchild.  DH


This month while taking care of my two grandchildren at their house, I read your family history book. I wanted to congratulate you on such a magnificent work. You are a very special person and I thank you for such persistence in your work. Gratefully,    GH

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