Hecht Favorite Family Photos

William and Anna Elise (Schmidt) Hecht marriage record, 1879

Henry Hecht's log cabin, Franklin County, Missouri, ca 1940s

Civil War Declaration of Pension, Henry Hecht, 1904

Probate record, Henry Hecht, Franklin County, Missouri, 1908

William Hecht an wife Anna (Schmidt)
with their 10 children, ca 1915

Back row: Henry C., Otto, Emma, Edwin, Fritz, Emil and Frank

Front row: Louis, William, Anna, Leo and Julius

Henry Hecht's family on their farm, ca 1900s

The William Hecht family and farm, ca 1896

Anna Schmidt Hecht, ca 1930

Edwin and Alvina Hecht's wedding party with Emil Hecht and Louise Brueseke, 1911

Henry C. and Nellie (Lawton) Hecht's wedding photo, 1901

Granite City National Enamel and Stamping Co., 1920, where many Hecht sons and Henry Brueseke made enamel cookware.

Emil, Louis, Fritz, Leo, and Julius Hecht, 1914

Frank, Henry C., and Emil Hecht

Julius Hecht outside his store in Champion City, Missouri, 1983

Columbus and Fritz Hecht

Bertha Hecht Sheperd with her mules

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